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蛤の ふたみに 別れ 行く秋ぞ

Hamagurino Hutamini Wakare YukuAkizo


はまぐりの ふたみにわかれ ゆくあきぞ


【教秀の意訳】 長くて苦しい旅もなんとか無事に終えることができました。蛤のふたから離れるのはつらいけど、新たに二見へと旅立ちます。またね。 奥の細道は、五ヶ月間かかった旅でした。でも、終わりは、はじまりと同じなんですよ。




I was able to finish a long, hard trip safely somehow. Though it is hard, it leaves for Futami newly to be separated from a cover of a clam. Again. The back narrow path was the trip that took five months. But an end is the same as an opening. A traveling companion did an authority of paths where the (before it), the Basho came for a meeting to Tsuruga on August 21 and entered Oogaki. But I have what kind of course I traced from Tsuruga to Oogaki now and do not share it.



I am very glad to be able to conclude on the day of the Star Festival on July 7, 2008.



I failed on the way, and there was the crisis that I gave up sometimes. However, thanks to warm comment of all of you, I was able to achieve an aim. Thank you.




In addition, I feel it because there was spiritual support of Basho Matsuo from heaven when able to arrive at the conclusion of this series.

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