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 松尾芭蕉 「おくのほそ道」

No.2 千住 

行く春や 鳥啼き魚の 目は泪 
ゆくはるや とりなきうおのめはなみだ
yukuharuya  torinaki uonomewa namida


The end of March. It is not only a human being that regret the spring when I am going to pass. For me who go for a long trip, a bird calls sadly and seems to shed tears to a fish. Basho parts from people of a seeing off (1689) in Senju on March 27 for Genroku era two years and, via Soka, stays in Kasukabe (existing Kasukabe-shi, Saitama). Uneasiness and unwilling part of "3,000 future villages" came and went on parting. It was the Basho who finished being already used to a long journey, but it was health this time, and there were many a direction having been first Tohoku uneasy materials.

三月底。 當我要去的時候,不只是一個人對春天感到後悔。 對於那些長途旅行的人來說,一隻鳥悲傷地叫著,似乎流下了一條魚的眼淚。 Basho於3月27日在千住的千住(1689年)為Genroku時代兩年,並且通過Soka,在Kasukabe(現有的埼玉縣Kasukabe市)停留。 “3000個未來村莊”的不安和不情願的部分來了又離開了。 Basho已經習慣了長途旅行,但這次是健康,並且有許多方向是第一個Tohoku不安的材料。

【奥の細道 書道色紙】

書道 教秀 オリジナルブランド


   松尾芭蕉   『千住』   【No.2】

 書道 教秀 



【祝 書歴四十年記念  奥の細道 書道色紙】






書道 教秀

Kyoushhu Calligraphy  Japan

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