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 松尾芭蕉 「おくのほそ道」


aratouto  aoba wakaba no hino hikari 


This is sunlight Tosho-gu Shrine known to the world. Light of a day shines to a part of darkness under a tree buried among the fresh green brightly. It will be what a solemn scenery. It is April 1 (1689) in Genroku era 2. It is May 19 by a solar calendar. It is 1617 that Tosho-gu Shrine was done. April 1. Rain from the previous night was left until morning, and it was the weather that it fell in spite of being a gentle rain in the morning, and stopped. I leave an inn of Imaichi, and it is come early in the afternoon by sunlight. Rain was finally over here.   The party performed business to send a book of the temple which I received to the temple which said Yougenin from Kiyomizu-dera Temple of Asakusa. In Yougenin, I sent a guide with two people and seem to have informed Tosho-gu Shrine shrine office. Because I was crowded with worshipers on that day, two people were kept waiting very much, but were able to visit Tosho-gu Shrine by guidance of a shrine office. And I stayed at this night, an inn of Hotokegozaemon overnight.

這是世界聞名的陽光東照宮。一天的光芒照耀在一片深綠色的樹叢中,在新鮮的綠色中明亮地埋葬。這將是一場莊嚴的風景。在Genroku時代2月4日(1689年)。是太陽曆5月19日。 Tosho-gu Shrine完成了1617年。 4月1日。前一天晚上的雨一直持續到早上,儘管早晨是一場小雨,但天氣仍然下降,並且停了下來。我離開了今市的一家旅館,下午早些時候是陽光。雨終於來了。派對開始營業,把收到的寺廟的書送到淺草清水寺的Yougenin寺廟。在Yougenin,我發了兩個人的導遊,好像已經通知了東照宮神社辦公室。因為那天我被崇拜者擠滿了,所以兩個人一直在等待,但是能在神社辦公室的指導下參觀東照宮。我今天晚上住在Hotokegozaemon的一家旅館。

【奥の細道 書道色紙】

書道 教秀 オリジナルブランド


  松尾芭蕉  『日光』   【No.3】

 書道 教秀 



【祝 書歴四十年記念  奥の細道 書道色紙】






書道 教秀

Kyoushhu Calligraphy  Japan

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