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 松尾芭蕉 「おくのほそ道」


暫くは 瀧にこもるや 夏の初め
(しばらくは たきにこもるや げのはじめ)
sibarakuwa  takini komoruya  geno hajime


The meaning of this haiku

I came for a famous waterfall of Urami. Both the body and a heart seem to be totally cleansed. I stay in Iwaya of the backside of a waterfall and will try to look at a waterfall calmly for a while. Two (1689) Genroku era age April 2s. It was beautiful weather on that day. I go to Nasu / Odawara after having visited a waterfall. A thunderstorm was severe and, in an evening, arrived at Shioyacho and stayed overnight there. But I applied forcibly too much because an inn was bad and was lodged in a house of a village headman. By storm and flood damage of 1902, a then scene is not seen now.


我來到了一個著名的烏拉米瀑布。 身體和心臟似乎都被徹底清潔了。 我住在瀑布背面的Iwaya,會試著平靜地看一下瀑布。 兩個(1689)元祿時代4月2日。 那天天氣很好。 在參觀瀑布後我去了那須/小田原。 雷雨嚴重,一天晚上,到達Shioyacho並在那裡過夜。 但我強行申請太多,因為一家旅館很糟糕,住在一個村長的房子裡。 受到1902年風暴和洪水的破壞,現在還沒有看到當時的情景。

【奥の細道 書道色紙】

書道 教秀 オリジナルブランド


 松尾芭蕉  『裏見の滝』   【No.4】

 書道 教秀 



【祝 書歴四十年記念  奥の細道 書道色紙】






書道 教秀

Kyoushhu Calligraphy  Japan

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