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 松尾芭蕉 「おくのほそ道」

No.44 全昌寺2

庭掃きて 出でばや 寺に 散る柳
Niwa hakite  Idebaya  terani  thiru  yanagi
にわはきて いでばやてらに ちるやなぎ



The meaning of this haiku

I was scattered so that a leaf of a willow of a temple danced in wind. I think that I will leave a temple after sweeping these dead leaves for thanks of one inn night at least. It is a custom that I do cleaning of Yamauchi on the next day when a traveler had a temple stop it, and leave. However, it is said that the Basho left this phrase while it was not made.



我散了,所以一片寺庙的柳叶在风中跳舞。 我想在扫除这些枯叶之后我会离开一座寺庙,至少感谢一个客栈之夜。 当旅行者有一个寺庙停止它并且离开时,我在第二天清洁Yamauchi是习惯。 但是,据说芭蕉在没有制作时留下了这句话。

【奥の細道 書道色紙】

書道 教秀 オリジナルブランド


  松尾芭蕉   『全昌寺』   【No.44】

 書道 教秀 



【祝 書歴四十年記念  奥の細道 書道色紙】






書道 教秀

Kyoushhu Calligraphy  Japan

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