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 松尾芭蕉 「おくのほそ道」

No.45 天竜寺 

物書きて  扇 引きさく  名ごりかな
Monokakite  Ougi  hikisaku  Nagorikana
ものかきて おうぎひきさく なごりかな



The meaning of this haiku

During summer, it was the folding fan which I put at hand, but it was replaced in a season and became already needless. ... is sorry since I write it what it is whether you let the last perform a function. I gave the folding fan which I wrote from Kanazawa for disciple north branch (Hokushi) which sent Basho. North branch is one of the Basho ten sages (ten particularly superior pupils) with a haiku poet of Kanazawa. A thing to use a fan in the summer. When it is autumn, I put this away in a chest. I call this an abandoned fan. One season is season of an abandoned fan. I write one phrase to the fan and regret a trace. The phrase that I described separation with the north branch which encountered for the first time in. At a glance the Basho liked north branch.


在夏天,它是我手边的折扇,但它在一个季节被取代,变得已经不必要了。 ...很抱歉,因为我写下它是不是你让最后一个执行一个功能。 我把金泽写的折扇给了送芭蕉的弟子北支(Hokushi)。 北支是巴蜀十大圣人之一(十个特别优秀的学生)和金口的金子诗人。 在夏天使用风扇的事情。 秋天的时候,我把它放在胸前。 我称这是一个被抛弃的粉丝。 一季是被遗弃的粉丝的季节。 我给粉丝写了一句话后悔了。 这句话我描述了与第一次遇到的北支分开。一眼就看到芭蕉喜欢北支。

【奥の細道 書道色紙】

書道 教秀 オリジナルブランド


  松尾芭蕉   『天竜寺』   【No.45】

 書道 教秀 



【祝 書歴四十年記念  奥の細道 書道色紙】






書道 教秀

Kyoushhu Calligraphy  Japan

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